We use Australia’s best voice artists from all over the nation and we source any voiceover worldwide, in any language required
Our music library 100% owned by us, produced by us and managed by us.
This means your business becomes exempt from annual APRA & PPCA Broadcast Licences, when you play our music.
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Music On Hold Australia… keeping it simple.
Offering a simple Production process, reliable Players, and modern Music.
So If you’re seeking both an easy & affordable solution for your company’s MOH, whether it be a single location solution or national multi-site solution – we’ve got all your needs covered. Here online you’ll find some Recommended Solutions, and Outright Payment options.

100% Australian owned and operated, Music On Hold Australia is headed up by Gabrielle Anderson.
We also operate a Wholesale Channel so If you’re a telephone dealer and would like to know more about reselling MOH, please email gabrielle@musiconhold.com.au

Music On Hold Australia is a division of Business Music & Voice Pty Ltd
ABN 28002749457

Music On Hold Australia

Making your business worth waiting for